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Eco-Friendly Products

When we started Wanderd Apparel Company is 2019 - we knew we wanted to try to find quality, eco-friendly products. As we continue to grow, our commitment to finding eco-friendly products will also continue to grow. All of our products are also made to order, meaning we don't carry inventory. This helps reduce waste from unsold overstock and unused materials.

If you order from us, you'll also notice we use as little packaging as possible while still protecting your purchase. Many other retailers ship their orders with excessive packaging, unnecessary fliers and advertisements and other extras that generally get thrown away. Ours are simple - your order is shipped in either a recycled cardboard box with your packing slip and a free sticker, or shipped in a recyclable poly-mailer with your packing slip and a free sticker. 

Our hoodies are made from 85% certified organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. 

Our T-Shirts are made, depending on color, from 100% cotton to a cotton-polyester blend and are made ethically, sustainably and safe for the workers and environment.

Preserving our environment, national parks and the planet is of great importance to us. We will continue to do our best and continue to learn of practices that make our commitment that much better. 

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