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About Us

We love creativity - we love exploring the outdoors - we love spending time with our dogs - we love meeting new people - we love moments that inspire us, that fuels that creativity inside ourselves. 

We started Wanderd Apparel Company with the desire to share our artwork and passion of the outdoors with everyone. We wanted to do something better than just have our artwork hanging on a wall or worse - sitting in a box in the closet.

We wanted it to be part of our everyday lives. To be able to wear it and show it off, to inspire others to be creative, be themselves and to be compassionate and help others around us.

All of our artwork is drawn and designed by us in Austin, TX and a portion of the proceeds from all sales are given back to local and national charities and non-profit organizations.

All of our products are also made-to-order, which means we carry no inventory, no overstock, and this helps minimize the waste that big brand fast fashion creates. 

Our packaging for our orders is also very minimal. While we have no hard feelings towards other businesses and their packaging, we like to keep our simple with no unnecessary extras that will only be thrown away. Most orders come in recyclable cardboard boxes, with the product protected in thin, recyclable plastic bags. 

We look forward to sharing our creativity with you and being able to give back to our community and those who need a helping hand. 

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Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about us.

-All of us at Wanderd Apparel Company


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